Sack dress with buttoned shoulders

Josephine Brodie modelled the new 'sack look' to interested passers-by outside James Smith Ltd store, Manners Street, Wellington in 1957. The arrival of the chemise or sack dress fashion in New Zealand caused controversy - women had been wearing styles that defined the waist since the end of the 1920s flapper look. The sack dress was, however, immensely popular. In a New Zealand Herald article (18 August 1999) Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins wondered if the chemise appealed to New Zealand women's "suppressed sense of radical chic" or did it just suit their shape?


Photographer: Unknown
Model Josephine Brodie
Credit: Image from The Evening Post, courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library, Ref: EP/1957/3942-F
Copyright: Copyright unknown
Designer: Unknown
Garment type: Dress
Features: The dress is unfitted at the waist
Purchase location: James Smith Ltd store, Manners Street, Wellington
Label: Unknown
Date: 1957