Floral print men's jacket & orange trousers

In the late 1960s, tv music shows such as C'mon showcased performances by New Zealand musicians. Musicians appeared in trendy outfits by 'it' designers including Annie Bonza and Gerry Broughan - designer for His Lordship. The band Larry's Rebels used to visit the His Lordship store to buy outfits for their shows. Larry Morris is wearing a His Lordship jacket on the cover of their 1967 self-titled EP. When British popstars, Paul and Barry Ryan toured New Zealand, they were backed by Larry's Rebels. They apparently "flipped" when they saw Larry's His Lordship jacket, each later buying an identical jacket of their own. Larry later gave the jacket to fellow band member Terry Rouse.


Credit: Garment loan courtesy of Terry Rouse
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Photographer: Roger Donaldson
Credit: Image courtesy of AudioCulture
Copyright: Image © Playdate magazine
Credit: Image courtesy of AudioCulture
Designer: Gerry Broughan
Garment type: Men's jacket
Purchase location: His Lordships - The Stable, Auckland
Label: His Lordship
Date: Circa 1967