Strapless ballgown with sash & bows

In 1956, Bruce Papas accepted a position at the Auckland department store Milne & Choyce. They were looking for a full-time designer to create original designs for their shops. The seasonal range of one-off model garments would be labelled 'Bruce Papos designer for Milne and Choyce', and Bruce also designed for their eponymous in-house label, as the head of their fashion team. This ball gown was modelled for a Milne & Choyce fashion parade by Else van den Muysenbergh. Not long after she arrived in New Zealand from The Netherlands, she agreed to model for a fashion parade held by the St Helier’s Bay Plunket Society. A Milne & Choyce staff member was in the audience and before long she was modelling for some of the country's top designers.


Model Else van den Muysenbergh
Credit: Image from the Auckland Star, 2 March 1959.
Copyright: Image © Auckland Star
Designer: Bruce Papas
Manufacturing location: Auckland
Garment type: Ball gown
Material: Jacquard embossed satin
Features: The line is broken by a sash and bow to give an elongated look. The frock is mounted on its own lining.
Colour: Champagne, cream/gold
Purchase location: Milne & Choyce department store
Label: Bruce Papos
Date: 1959