Going away ensemble in navy & cream

Lyndy Horrocks married Mark Sainsbury at St Mark's in Remuera in 1971. There were 400 guests. Her wedding dress was made by Colin Cole and Rosemarie Muller made this ensemble as her going away outfit. The wedding arrangements were mostly made by Lyndy's mother. At one point there was a disagreement between Lyndy and her mother about the black limousines. Lyndy turned to her father to support her cause. He did not, instead he said to Lyndy "This is your marriage but it is your mother's wedding". 


Credit: Loan courtesy of Lyndy Sainsbury.
Copyright: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 Licence
Designer: Rosemarie Muller
Manufacturing location: Parnell, Auckland
Garment type: Ensemble: jacket, sleeveless dress
Material: Wool
Features: Trompe l'oeil cutout effect on jacket and pinafore effect on dress
Colour: Navy, cream
Purchase location: Parnell, Auckland
Label: Rosemarie Muller
Date: 1971