TEAL khaki summer uniform

David Jones of Sydney designed the flight hostess summer uniform, which was made to measure for each hostess. The single-breasted jacket was a fitted style with tailor-made gold buttons and black epaulettes with silver ranked stripe on the shoulder. A half wings badge featured on the left breast of the jacket and it also had no pockets which made for a smoother line from the waist. A skirt straight fell to just below knee with inverted pleats on the left side front and right side back for ease of movement. A Glengarry cap with full wings badge completed the ensemble. Janet Beech, former flight hostess, recalls that "the cap, jacket and skirt colour were 'American pinks' and khaki gabardine". A tussar silk shirt in creamy beige was worn with a plain khaki tie. The shoes were a tan court with medium cuban heel for practicality. The handbag was tan leather and with matching gloves which were worn on the ground only. The male uniforms were made from the same fabric and they had a single-breasted, belted jacket.


Credit: Text by Air New Zealand
Copyright: Photo © Air New Zealand
Designer: David Jones
Maker: David Jones
Manufacturing location: Sydney, Australia
Garment type: Jacket, blouse and skirt with matching accessories
Colour: Khaki
Label: David Jones
Date: 1949